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07 Feb

All American: World’s Toughest Rodeo

written by 1 Comment posted in Featured, Minnesota, United States

During my travels around the world I’m frequently asked by foreign nationals what makes America special. Or rather, what should they see and do if they were to ever visit our country. I’ve never been able to come up with an adequate response. New York is overwhelming, California too vast and Las Vegas is a planet of its own. It wasn’t until today when I realized how many great treasures our country has. And there’s nothing more American than a Rodeo–which I had the chance to photograph up close and personal.

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12 Jan

Snap Story: An Obscure Driving Club

written by 6 Comments posted in Minnesota, United States

I’m a car enthusiast (to put it lightly). Several years ago I became part of a unique family of car owners when I bought my first Porsche 928. It had been my dream car since I was a young boy and now that I was an adult, I had to have one. During the 80′s and early 90′s, the 928 was the flagship of the Porsche fleet with an original sticker price of (non-inflation adjusted) $75k.

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11 Jan

Daily Story: How I Became a Trillionaire. Overnight.

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I love watching spy movies where the hero opens up his briefcase to reveal stacks of cash and multiple passports from around the world. I always wondered how to apply for the job of “International Man of Mystery.” Maybe if I mention it here that I’m interested in the job, ECHELON will automatically pick it up and Homeland Security will drop me a line (or show up at my door). I’m pretty good with Photoshop and have some experience with a Fake ID “incident” in college. It turns out I already have a small pile of cash lying around from previous vacations. I’ll assume you guys provide the briefcase and exploding cuff-links.

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09 Jan

Daily Photo: We’re All Goonies

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When I was a child The Goonies was one of my favorite movies. It inspired and delighted my young mind; filling it with fantasies of adventure and exploration. As I travel the world as an adult I can still see a bit of The Goonies inside of me. It’s not limited to exotic foreign locations. In the spring of 2009 I was asked to fly to Portland to film an ethnographic documentary project for Microsoft focused on the Open Source software culture in America. Instead of flying directly to PDX I flew into Seattle and drove down, arriving in Portland the night before the conference. We filmed for two days (which is the subject of another post) and then had 2+ free days after the conference to drive back to Seattle to catch the return flight home.

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