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13 Jan

Daily Photo: The Art of Sleeping in Train Stations

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February 2004 my buddy Polish and I took a trip to Thailand. I had already been at least three time (maybe four) so I was getting used to the long flights and the chaotic pace of Bangkok. So much so that I think I forgot that Polish had never traveled this way. In 24 hours, we flew from Minneapolis, through Tokyo, landing in Bangkok in the middle of the night.

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07 Jan

Daily Photo: The Beaches of Ko Phi Phi, Thailand

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In December 2001, the start-up company I was working for entered into an agreement to be acquired buy a company out of Ames, Iowa. Several of us were offered relocation packages if we wanted to stay with the company. For those “essential to the value of the company” were were offered retention bonuses to stick around until the merger was completed. Being that I didn’t know anything about Iowa or have any desire to move there, I opted for the cash. I knew cash and knew that it could send me on holiday. The only question remained: Where would I go?

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