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05 Apr

The Remains of Dot-com Dreams Gone Bust

written by 1 Comment posted in Featured, Minnesota

I took a break from the SnapStory Project over the past couple months to buy a house and move out of a place I had lived in for nearly 12 years. I knew it was going to be a colossal project, but I had no idea what remnants I would find of past lives. Tim O’Brien wrote about “The Things They Carried.” For me, it’s more of a matter of “The Things We Save.” Among the catacombs of my basement were artifacts of past relationships, former hobbies and companies gone bust.

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01 Mar

What ever happened to Snow Days?

written by 1 Comment posted in Featured, Minnesota

I lasted about a month before I started have difficulties posting a new story everyday. I have plenty of good reasons, of course, most of which start with me getting distracted with other projects. Last week one of those distractions was a beautiful snow storm that cut across Minnesota, dumping well over a foot of fresh snow in my front yard. This time, the snow fell during the day, giving me a perfect opportunity to try something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time: time-lapse photography.

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19 Feb

Beautifully Abandoned Minneapolis

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It amazes me that there are areas of Minneapolis that I’ve never seen. Driving home western Wisconsin last weekend we got lost trying to find an architectural salvage yard. We vaguely knew that it was on the edge of downtown along the river, but not much more. In the process of trying to find it, we got lost. But the beauty of getting lost in your own town is that you uncover such wonderful treasures you never knew existed.

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17 Feb

Unplugging to enjoy the memories and traditions of our past.

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The SnapStory Project is part of and ongoing effort to unplug from the day-to-day activities of the digital world. While I understand it’s a digital medium I’m publishing to, the activities of photography and writing are very much an unplugged. I was invited this past weekend to spend the night at a friend’s cabin in Northern Wisconsin. On the way home we took our time, stopping in small towns for breakfast and a little bit of browsing.

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14 Feb

The Advertising Class of the Future

written by 5 Comments posted in Featured, Minnesota

Last Friday, my friend and professional colleague Chris Pollard and me had the opportunity to speak to a standing room only audience of college students at the 2011 AdFed Student Advertising Summit. Last year we gave a similar presentation and ended up with most of the audience questions focused on one simple thing: how do I get a job in advertising. This year we decided to answer that question directly.

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10 Feb

When it’s so cold your car doesn’t want to go to work.

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It’s cold out in Minnesota today. When it’s this cold out my car usually struggles to shift into gear. It’s her way of trying to convince me to stay home. Most days I just negotiate with her and promise to let the car warm enough to get her fluids warm. This morning I did just that. She warmed up for at least 10 minutes (well past the legal MN limit of 4 minutes), shifted into reverse, got to the end of my driveway, went to shift into drive and … nothing.

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