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What ever happened to Snow Days?
01 Mar

What ever happened to Snow Days?

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I lasted about a month before I started have difficulties posting a new story everyday. I have plenty of good reasons, of course, most of which start with me getting distracted with other projects. Last week one of those distractions was a beautiful snow storm that cut across Minnesota, dumping well over a foot of fresh snow in my front yard.  This time, the snow fell during the day, giving me a perfect opportunity to try something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time: time-lapse photography.

Knowing that the snow was coming, I quickly assembled my camera rig and attached a self-timer remote release I bought specifically for this purpose–and which lived in a box for over a year before using it that day.  I set the camera on a tripod facing out my living room window, programming the shutter to take a photo every 10 seconds until the battery on the camera gave out.

In all, I’m not sure how many photos I took, but the camera lasted about 6 hours before the battery drained down and stopped taking photos.  The above video is the product of all of those individual frames.  It’s really fun to see what a Minnesota Snow Day really looks like…in fast forward.

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