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Daily Story: How I Became a Trillionaire. Overnight.
11 Jan

Daily Story: How I Became a Trillionaire. Overnight.

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I love watching spy movies where the hero opens up his briefcase to reveal stacks of cash and multiple passports from around the world.  I always wondered how to apply for the job of “International Man of Mystery.”  Maybe if I mention it here that I’m interested in the job, ECHELON will automatically pick it up and Homeland Security will drop me a line (or show up at my door). I’m pretty good with Photoshop and have some experience with a Fake ID “incident” in college. It turns out I already have a small pile of cash lying around from previous vacations.  I’ll assume you guys provide the briefcase and exploding cuff-links.

The other day I read an article about the devaluation of the Zimbabwe currency.  Inflation was so rampant in their country that they were forced to create a One Hundred Trillion Dollar Bill (pictured above). After reading the story I went directly to eBay and got my collectible bill for a mere $7.95 (including shipping).  Overnight I became a trillionaire. I could pay off part of our national debt and still have a little left over to buy a small government or finance my banana republic.

Resume Reference Point: Can fund own black-ops budget without pesky congressional oversight.

Upon receiving my new wealth, I immediately gathered up the rest of the currency I had collected from various holidays taken over the years.  At the end of each trip I’m usually stuck with a few left-over  bills and coins that I’m not sure what to do with. I like to keep some as collectible keepsakes, but a lot of times there is additional bills that don’t justify exchanging at the airport.  After a decade of global travel, it appears that my stack of cash might be a little out of control.

Who wants to make a prediction on the actual street value of this pile of cash?

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2 Responses to “Daily Story: How I Became a Trillionaire. Overnight.”

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    Reply matt says:

    I’m guessing $53.75.

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    Reply Daniël E. Cronk says:

    i didn’t see this post but that’s what mine is going to be about today…. your stories are much better than mine, but i have to say, when I was in Zimbabwe last year I bought myself a 50 trillion dollar note…. definitely a conversation starter…

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